Olinka Kombucha

Local Sedona Fermented Tea


Our story:

Olinka Kombucha was created by Zoe and Scot and their two kids,

Iam and Ayanna.

We started making Kombucha in 2010. As you may know, the "mother" culture keeps creating babies. Not wanting to throw them away, we just kept adding new jars of Kombucha to the shelf. We ended up with too much to drink, so we started giving it away. Eventually people were asking if they could buy it from us and suggested that we start a business, which we weren't really that interested in doing at the time. But we kept our Kombucha collection growing. We moved into a new house with a casita in the back. About a year later we realized our-then-40 gallons were taking over the house. With the help of friends we decided to go into business and converted our casita into a commercial kitchen.  

We love making Kombucha and contributing to the community.

We hope to inspire people to eat healthy foods and imbibe beneficial beverages that enhance energy and well-being.

                           Grandpa Charly asking Iam --age 5-- if he drinks "out of the glass"